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Jowett Car Club of Australia Incorporated.

Welcome to the JCCA website.

        Our club was founded in 1957 in Victoria when a meeting was called by Mr. John Coffey, a Javelin owner who was concerned

 about the difficulty of obtaining parts and service of Jowett cars. The Jowett company had ceased production in 1954 having

 produced a range of vehicles since 1910, all of which used two or four cylinder horizontally opposed engines. The company

was never taken over or absorbed by another company as many were, and was the oldest British motor manufacturer when

production ended. The meeting was well attended, the club was born and continues to this day, with branches throughout Australia.

 We encourage members to use their cars and to this end monthly runs are organised by each state branch.

Every two years we hold a national rally, each time in a different state. This gives our members  the opportunity to drive their cars,

 sometimes over long distances, and to catch up with members from other states.


        The club supplies a wide range of spare parts to members as well as plenty of advice to help with service and restoration.

 We also have an extensive library of Jowett literature which can be loaned to members as well as a bi-monthly newsletter

available via email or post.


        We have several forms of membership. Full membership, Associate membership and Family membership. Further

information can be obtained  within the website.



Purpose of Association.


Our aim is:

  1. To preserve all vehicles and engines carrying the name JOWETT, both passenger and commercial.
  2. To bring together persons interested in Jowett vehicles.
    1. At meetings of the Association.
    2. At Social Gatherings.
    3. At displays of vehicles.
    4. In “on the road" participation in such a manner so as not to jeopardise the members’ insurance policies;
  3. To assist members to maintain and restore Jowett vehicles.
  4. To maintain a supply of replacement parts for Jowett vehicles; and
  5. To ensure the roadworthiness of such Jowett vehicles owned by members as are subject to Restricted Registration.



Discussion Forum

This is an International Forum where you can post, read, reply and generally chat on all matters Jowett.
It has sections for different models, post and pre war, Javelin, Jupiter and Bradfords.
The Forum contains sections for events and discussion for each country.
As a visitor one can just browse, as a registered member on the forums, and can then post, ask questions and discuss.

To register for the forum, you only need to be a member of the Jowett Club or have an interest in Jowett matters.  



Contact Information

If you would like to join us, whether or not you have a Jowett, you would be made very welcome. Please contact the Secretary Neil Hood

by email or telephone.


Contact the Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc. and send all correspondence to:
The Secretary, Neil Hood
Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc.,
23 Barnetts Road,
Winston Hills 2153 NSW

Ph: 02 9639 5548

Email: secretary@jowett.org.au

Postal address
23 Barnetts Road, Winston Hills 2153 NSW
Electronic mail
General Information: secretary@jowett.org.au
Send mail to the  webmaster with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 05/28/14