Just when we started to feel optimistic about the dreaded Corona Virus, along came the second wave....  We did however manage to get a few Jowett activities in , before our natural reluctance to take too many chances curtailed any further ideas...Firstly, five members took a midweek trip down to Bannister to view some cars.. Secondly Hon Editor and myself, went out to Mudgee, to look at the Henderson's Javelin, and lastly we had in impromptu block assembly meeting in my garage. Ron brought his Javelin.


 Tim and his Partner are in the throws of moving home to Balgowlah , so not  much to report there, other than he and Ron have ordered Spin on Filter Conversions from Jim. We might look at those jobs on our next garage day.


Neil and joy spent two weeks touring country N.S.W. in their caravan. On returning Neil took his Javelin for another successful test run, and is currently  getting  the starter motor overhauled.. Paul's Javelin needs some help to get it started after a period off being laid up.


I have managed to contact the ever elusive Ollie S. His Special Bodied Jupiter is slowly edging towards completion. A steel floor has replaced the tin one which gave him the opportunity to make the seats adjustable. Other jobs include new wiring,cleaned out petrol tank and pump. A refurbished Dash Board with instruments courtesy of Brian H. Blinkers,Hazards, Overdrive, Electric Water pump,Twin Fans, and a Key Starter....


And........from the outer reaches of our state......


Bob Ausburn is still adding to his wonderfully eclectic collection of cars. His latest acquisition is a 1912 Baker Electric Car.  His Javelin hasn't been

out in a while, but he did remind me of the fact that he managed to clock up 110,000 miles in his first Javelin. It sounds as though Bob is very active

in the Veteran and Vintage Car scene.............. 


New member Danny B is making headway with his Bradford. Jim S the spares man has told him to contact  Bill E for advice and parts. The engine runs , but the the starter has a bent shaft...Meanwhile he has been painting the front panels. It sounds as though he also has all the woodwork to build...He mentioned that there is a Javelin in Flynn's Wreckers in Cooma, but the car has been there for some time and is not for sale.


That's all from N.S.W. for the moment.  John W