Advising the Qld and NSW members that Qld will still try to run the Qld/NSW gathering at Glenn Innes. 14 to 17 May 2021 although the border has just been closed again. Groan! Please keep these dates in mind!! 

Jowett event July 2020
 In June we returned to our monthly events and so on the 14th June Peter T with the assistance of Jayne B and Bob and Sheila R organized a drive to Paradise Point, at Pimpama. We enjoyed a picnic /fish and chip lunch looking out over the waters. This was preceded by a glorious drive through the country. With all the food venues still mostly locked down the picnic was a change from our usual pubs / cafes. It was a good day organized at quite short notice,thank you all! 

With a lot of venues still very restricted Peter and Vivien B organized a picnic at D'Aguilar National Park on Mt Mee for the 18th July. I had the added adventure of having the ignition wire fall off the ignition switch as I arrived at the starting point. In 20 minutes the Jupiter dash was out,problem fixed, and left on time. As I said ,an adventure! I didn't swear even once, hard to believe, but it is true!

Jupiter rev counter QLD June 2020 report
Javelin Barrie Opitz QLD June 2020 report
Following morning tea at Lake Kurwongbah we enjoyed an adventurous drive by back roads up onto Mt Mee. Only the two Jowetts attended, the Rath Jupiter and the Burns Javelin. Another great day! A photo at the start is below.


As I said above the Rath Jupiter decided to drop its ignition wire off the ignition switch. This came about because I had to remove the rev counter ,have it repaired and refitted. Obviously the wire came loose during my refitting process. As I said it was a little adventure! #$&*^.


Barrie O has sold his lovely Javelin to new member Paul W in Qld, so South Australia has lost one ,and it is Queensland's gain. It is in good hands Barrie ! 


In these uncertain times, it is even more important that you all take care!

Hug your Jowetts because they won't have the virus.

Until next time, grumpy as always,