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REMEMBER: The club has an extensive range of spare parts. Contact our spares officer for details

A sample of the club spares available

The following products and services are listed to aid Jowett owners find people who have worked on Jowett’s previously.

The committee of the Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc. do not specifically endorse the services listed. Jowett owners should form their own opinion regarding the abilities of the companies listed.

If you have used companies to work on your Jowett please email

Auto Glass & Windscreens
Bearings & oilseals
Brake & Clutch
Differentials & Gearboxes
Electrical Parts
Metal Spraying
Plastic Knobs
Seat Belts
Sundry Fittings
Tail shafts
Thread Repair


CAE Performance Products

7 Main Road

Castlemaine VIC 3450

T: (03) 5472 1442



Manager: Con Soldatos

Can fit an alternator inside a generator body.

Also fuel pumps that fit in the fuel tank.

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Auto Glass and Windscreens

Pete’s Prestige Windscreens

23 Arlie Crescent

Montrose VIC 3765

T: (03) 9728 8872

M: 0418 333 703


Owner: Peter Thomas

Mobile windscreen fitting business. Well known in the classic car fraternity.

Did the problematic fitting on a Javelin windscreen and also the rear window

Alternative Glass Supplies P/L

1 Hedderwick Road

Dandenong South, 3175

T: 9791 2333


Manufacture of glass, including toughened glass

Scanned old glass and made new, stamped side glass for a Jupiter and Citroen Traction Avant

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Bearings and oil seals

A.A.Bearing & Oilseal Service

8 Rooks Road

Nunawading VIC 3131

T: (03) 9874 1660

M:  490 345 253



Manager: Adrian Robertshaw

Supplier of leading brands of bearings and oil seals for classic, historic and vintage cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes.

An extensive stock of obsolete sizes in bearings and oilseals and an extensive library of information on cars and motorbikes going back to 1915.

Source for oil seals and roller bearings

Has reference books for Jowett.

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Brake & Clutch

BGT Brake and Clutch Services

10 Webster Street

Dandenong VIC 3175

T: (03) 9794 6787 / (03) 9792 2806

Contacts: Karl Malins, Derry Robertson

Vintage, veteran and classic specialists.

Clutch and pressure plate repairs

Shoe bonding and drum/disc machining

Flywheel grinding

Used extensively for brake cylinder sleeving and clutch refurbishment

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Clive Cams

Factory 4, 35-37 Clyde Street

Ferntree Gully V IC 3156

T: (03) 9758 5977


Owner: Clive Stenlake

Camshaft grinding and profiling; cam follower and rocker refacing.

Ground a camshaft for a Jowett club member

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Wilson Carburettor Service P/L

Unit 3, 16-18 Marshall Road

Airport West VIC 3042

T: (03) 9330 3216 / (03) 9338 2038



Owner/Manager: John Cheal

Carburettor overhaul and tuning.

Overhauled several members Javelin Zeniths

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Ferntree Gully Hydroblasting

15 Gaydon Street (home-based business)

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

T: 0412 796 989


Owner: John Hanley

High pressure cleaning, including cleaning and lining of fuel tanks

Used for cleaning of window winder and door mechanisms, aluminium crankcase and other parts including fuel tank which was cleaned and lined. 

Aluminium brightens up really well.

One or two day turnaround.

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Vic Ivanov

Patterson Road (near Nepean Highway and behind Tyre Outlet)

Moorabbin VIC 3189

M: 0417 311 158

Preparation for and finishing of chrome work (chroming is outsourced)

Has done extensive re-chroming of my Javelin and Jupiter parts. Good quality work.

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Crankshaft Rebuilders P/L

31-35 Cottage Street

Blackburn VIC 3130

T: (03) 9894 0000


Manufacture of cast, forged and billet crankshafts and engine components

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Differentials and Gearboxes

Victoria Differentials and Transmissions

Factory 1, 1 Cochrane Street

Mitcham VIC 3132

T: (03) 9874 5268

M: 0412 436 718



Owner: Louie

Rebuilds of differentials and manual gearboxes

Rebuilt Javelin differential and axles

Old Car Gearboxes P/L

Factory 3, 23 Wren Road

Moorabbin VIC 3189

T: (03) 9553 3203

Owner: John Needham (and son Ben)


John knows from decades of experience the weaknesses of various gearbox designs. He likes to create his own improvements and makes his own gears

Overhauled two Meadows gearboxes and a Laycock overdrive unit, including modifying the linkage between one gearbox and the overdrive unit. Not yet installed. 

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Performance Ignition Services

Unit 47, 41-49 Norcal Road

Nunawading VIC 3131

T: (03) 9872 3644



Contact: Dick O’Keefe

Manufacturer and distributor of ignition components

Have rebuilt two Jowett distributors for me and also tuned the electrical side of my Javelin

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Electrical Parts

Boronia Automotive Electrical Service

Factory 15, 15 Macquarie Place

Boronia VIC 3155

T: (03) 9729 7299

Owner: Phil

Auto electrical services

Used for refurbishing Lucas generators and starter motors

Classic and Vintage Bulbs

82 Cumming Street

Blackwood SA 5051

T: (08) 8278 4393



Owner: Anthony Pearson

Halogen and classic car lighting

Lucas headlights and spotlights, relays, side and tail lights

Bullet and wing mirrors

Electronic ignitions

Bought halogen globes to fit  Javelin Lucas headlights

Kevin Baker

Bundoora VIC 3083

M: 0429 465 736

Hobby, home-based business supplying new, old stock auto electrical items with a focus on and extensive experience of Lucas parts. Also overhauls Lucas generators, etc

Purchased Lucas driving light globes and Lucas relay

Barry Cliff

P. O. Box 256

Wyong NSW 2259

T: (02) 4351 1968

Supplier of electrical parts for older cars

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B.S.F. Bolts

P. O. Box 2023

Parkdale VIC 3194

T: 0408 056 255



Owner: Bruce Gardner

Supplier of BSF and BA automotive fasteners and associated tooling

Source for most Jowett nuts, bolts and washers.

Catalogue available on request.

Classic Fasteners

Shop 1, 75-77 Grange Road

Welland SA 5007

T: (08) 7127 1582



Owner: Derek Milne

Supplier of obsolete and hard to get nuts, bolts and screws to restorers of automobiles and motorcycles

Purchased slotted, domed screws

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Australian Hood Irons

57 Eastwood Avenue

Eastwood NSW 2122

T: (02) 9874 6696


Owner: Richard Walton

Wooden hood bows, repairs and parts

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Ringwood Speedometer Service

693 Whitehorse Road

Mitcham VIC 3132

T: (03) 9874 2260

M: 0422 122 124



Owner: Gary King

Sales and repairs. 

Do more than the name suggests.

Completed the overhaul of my second set of Jupiter instruments, which were in poor condition. Did so in a reasonable time (a few months)

Howard Instruments

110 Northern Road

Heidelberg West VIC 3081

T: (03) 9457 4755


Sale, repair and restoration of automotive, marine, commercial and industrial instruments and accessories.

Smiths service agent.

Overhauled a set of Jupiter gauges. Very knowledgeable but restoration work takes a back seat to trade work. it pays to get an estimate of the wait time.

Objects Conservation Melbourne

M: 0417 147 300


M: 0417 147 300


Owner: Madeleine Price

Museum quality restorations

Restored a rev counter dial to match the patina of the other instruments

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Able Instruments Service

Unit 6, 10-12 Babdoyle Street

Loganholme QLD 4129

P: (07) 3801 1232



Instrument repairs with an interest in English cars and Lucas instruments

Tested and repaired gauges 

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Metal Spraying

Wagma Engineering

43-45 Kalman Drive

Boronia VIC 3155

T: (03) 9729 9377



Manager: Philip Ryan

General engineering but includes 

metal spraying

Potential useful contact. Not used

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Milsome’s Auto Paints

Unit 2, 718 Burwood Highway

Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

T: (03) 9752 2544


Specialise in automotive and industrial coatings, tools, spray painting and safety equipment, panel beating supplies and colour matching service to trade and DIY clients in Australia and NZ

Source of spray painter’s paint supplies, including colour matching

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JW Classic Car Parts

Jim Withers

Kilsyth VIC 3137

T: (03) 9762 2862

M: 0411 088 342


English car specialist in obsolete parts

New Parts for old cars

Potentially useful contact. Not used

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Plastic knobs

Les Gourdie

Christchurch, NZ

T: +64 3 3881 779

Makes new window winder and gear lever knobs to order

Purchased a set, which he fitted to provided handles.

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Nostalgic Wireless Company

8, 21 Northumberland Street

Collingwood VIC 3066

T: (03) 9419 4875


Includes restoration and updating of classic car radios

Potential useful contact. Not used

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Peter Tommasini

Factory 9, 21 Burgess Road

Bayswater VIC 3153

T: (03) 9761 4557

Specialises in classic, vintage and prestige car restoration

Potential useful contact. Not used

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Scott’s Old Auto Rubber

(Online business based in Mulgrave, VIC)

T: (03) 9563 3023


Owner: Scott

Javelin Bailey and half Bailey channel 

as well as some other rubbers

On Home page, go to Other, then Jowett Javelin for parts sold. ( )


Bought Bailey and half Bailey, wiper motor mounts

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Seat Belts


M: 0431 211 582



Contact: James Van Buuren

Supplying and refurbishing vintage-style seat belts for 1950s-1960s classic cars

Potential useful contact. Not used

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Sundry fittings

Link Automotive

3A Thornton Crescent

Mitcham VIC 3132

T: 9873 3874


A supplier of restoration services for Minis

Purchased stronger wiper arms (need to know the arc details). 

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Tail shafts

Balancing Services Australia

43 Chifley Drive

Preston VIC 3072

T: (03) 9480 4040


Balancing and tail shaft services

Refurbished two Jupiter tail shafts, including modifying one to allow for an overdrive.

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Grant White – Motor Trimmer

93 Lyon Road

Viewbank VIC 3084

T: 9458 3479



Owner: Grant White

Specialises in vintage and classic cars

Retrimmed all the interior of my Javelin. Attention to detail.

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Thread Repair

The Thread Doctor

Melbourne mobile service

M: 0419 507 633


Owner: Damian de Yong

Removal of broken studs and bolts. Recoiling.

Potential useful contact. Not used

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Stuckey Tyre Service

828 Sydney Road

Brunswick VIC 3056

T: (03) 9386 5331


Contact: Russell Stuckey (GM) or Jeff Hastie (Sales Manager and Classic Tyres)

Distributor of Michelin vintage tyres and Avon motorsport tyres amongst other brands. Also has a focus on tyres and wheels for motorsport

Fitted Michelin 5.50-16 (175/80R16) radial tyres and tubes to my Javelin, for a better fit and ride to the light truck tyres previously used. 

Had the equipment to balance the wheels off the car.

Antique Tyre Supplies

134 McEwan Road

West Heidelberg VIC 3081

T: (03) 9458 4433 / 1300 55 44 13



Contact: Ben McKinnon


Vintage and thoroughbred body fittings,


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Eastern Wheelworks

Factory 34, 70-72 Cavehill Road

Lilydale VIC 3140

T: (03) 9739 4400



Contact: Ron Harper

Wheel repairs and modifications

Trued, repaired, and had powder coated (outsourced) two sets of Jupiter rims

Neway Wheel Repairs P/L

11 Beatrice Avenue

West Heidelberg VIC 3081

T: 9457 3141

Owners: Colin and David Gilbert

Rim repair specialist

Trued my Javelin rims

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Vintage Wiring Harness

Factory 7, 477 Maroondah Highway

Ringwood VIC 3134

T: (03) 9870 0583



Owner: Paul Vermont

Wiring looms made in original-style materials and colour codes appropriate for the vehicle

Has patterns for 1951-52 Javelin, and Jupiter but can make anything if a harness is supplied.

Made me a braided Javelin loom, with specified modifications, and a Jupiter loom.

Wires are labelled and an installation key is provided. Gave good telephone support.

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JE & LJ Nicholls

21 Chippewa Avenue (home-based)

Donvale VIC 3111

T: (03) 9874 1329

M: 0409 865 025


Owner: John Nicholls

Refurbishes car interior woodwork for prestige and vintage cars

Re-veneered and lacquered my Javelin dashboard.

Wood grained (spray) all window surrounds. 

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