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Listed below are details of modifications members have made to their vehicles.

Technical Notes

The Jowett Car Club of Australia Incorporated is not responsible for any inaccuracies or changes that may occur within these documents. Every effort has been made to ensure total accuracy. They are not Jowett Car Club publications and, therefore, the Club has no control over its contents. These Technical Notes have been compiled by using the latest information available.
The Jowett Javelin and Jupiter Technical Notes series of documents contain service information that applies to the Jowett Javelin – Models PA, PB, PC, PD and PE – and to the Jowett Jupiter – Models SA and SC – manufactured by Jowett Cars Limited, Idle, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.
These Technical Notes should be read in conjunction with publications produced by Jowett Cars Limited (JCL). These notes can not, in any way, be considered to be a comprehensive Service Manual. They have been built up, from over fifty years of experience, by a number of club members who have the ability to successfully maintain their beloved Jowett motor cars. These club members are a truly international lot, and it is wonderful that this technical information is so freely shared. There are contributors from England, Australia and New Zealand who have sorted out some concerns with respect to the subject motor cars’ reliability. There is also information sourced via the club network that sources and adapts components from other, more populace motor cars, to keep Jowetts on the world’s highways and byways.
Our thanks to all who have so generously contributed to these Technical Notes, which though they can be considered to be comprehensive, they are by no means finished. Let’s keep storing the information!

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We would like to thank Mike Allfrey for his tireless work in putting this technical note series together. His willingness to share and preserve his vast Jowett knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Dr Harry Brierley, Keith Clements, Jowett Car Club (UK), Neil Moore, Jowett Car Club of New Zealand, the late John Taylor, Bill Worley, Neil Munro, Bill Fock, Maurie Dodd, Brian Holmes, Eddy Wolf, Tony George, Richard Homersham, Tim Kelly all of the, Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc. Just listing those names gives us about five-hundred years of Javelin and Jupiter experience. It also has to be appreciated that a fair proportion of this experience comes from a sound motor trade background