Although the Victorian state government relaxed the COVID-19 restrictions in mid-May, the resulting clusters of confirmed cases caused more than 40 Melbourne suburbs to be declared hot-spots, and then, as the virus spread throughout the community, the whole of greater Melbourne was placed back into Stage 3 lockdown. That was the end of any thoughts we had to hold JCCA events in Victoria this winter, and, given the grim outlook for controlling the spread of the virus, I don’t propose to organise any events for the foreseeable future.

I have kept in touch with many JCCA members regularly via email and phone during the lockdown, but I still miss seeing my car club mates. I haven’t attended a car show or a car club event with any of my clubs since February, and while it has meant that I have had plenty of time to work on other projects including our new home and catch up with garden maintenance around our rural property, I still miss the people. I’m envious reading the reports on JCCA events in the other states!

There will be mention elsewhere of a very dedicated team of just two people re-organising the rally in Beechworth, VIC in 2022; hopefully the COVID-19 pandemic will be well under control in Australia by then and everyone attending the rally will have had their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Take care all.



Below are photos from happier times




Jowett Jaunt

Merniong Hotel

Remember when we could drive

Jowetts mine and Richards 4

and display our cars