A member’s story

Many years back, (50 plus years) when I was a teenager, my father, an engineer, was looking for a cheap vehicle for the family.

 He found a Jowett Javelin that had been stripped down and left in a back yard.

 He brought it home to Wagga NSW in boxes and started to re assemble the car.

 It was painted light blue by brush and its body was less than perfect, but he made it go.

 He then found a good body in Adelong which had no motor, purchased it and made plans to tow it back to Wagga, on a rope, a 70 km trip through the foothills of the snowy mountains.

 It had brakes and no front seat, so mum (in the tow vehicle) had to sit on a fruit box (Batlow fruit box I think) and steer the car, using the break when the tow rope became loose going downhill or when the tow vehicle wanted to pull up. No mobile phone conversation or 2 way, just by looking at the rope and reacting to how loose it was or when dads arm waved out the window.

The car got home……………..

Dad transferred all the working parts and seats into this car, an olive Green colour. It was our family car for some years.

He was always keen to tell anyone that would listen “that it could beat a VW”…………..

Dad drove it over the Clyde to Burrill Lakes for a Xmas one year, two adults and four children.

It was very safe……………… as everything was stacked that tight that nothing could come loose if we were involved in a crash. Even the foot-wells were packed and we only had room to put our feet.

It was cosy but we made it there and back and had a good holiday.

Fond memories  and just before I retired I found one in bits to do up.

Then I found a second one, again in bits.

I had shelves full of parts and no car to drive, 3 or 4 motors, gearboxes, extra body panels etc.

It became too much for me as I had other projects on the go and did not give it enough attention.

They were sold a few years back and the purchaser had to come with two trailers and flat top utes (twice) to collect all the parts.

(The deal was all or nothing)


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