Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc

Associations incorporation Registered No. A9664E

Founded in Victoria by the late John Coffey, a Javelin owner who was concerned about the difficulty of obtaining parts and service for Jowett Cars

Founding member of the Association of Motoring Clubs 

The aim of the Club is to preserve all vehicles and engines carrying the name JOWETT, both passenger and commercial; by bringing together

persons interested in such vehicles through meetings, social gatherings, displays and “on the road” activities.

Also to assist members to maintain and restore Jowett vehicles, to hold a supply of replacement parts to help ensure the roadworthiness of

Jowett vehicles owned by members. 

Annual Subscriptions

$55 Full Membership

$15 For each additional family member (spouse/partner, son or daughter under the age of 16)

$25 Associate membership

$20 Joining Fee (also applies after two years non-financial status


Please note that historic reliability issues with the Javelin and Jupiter that you may have heard about have been solved and club members no longer suffer crankshaft breakages or frequent head gasket failures.

Restoration and maintenance of a Jowett is no different to any other much more common make of car because the club provides a Spare Parts service second to none.

Our club has a very extensive stock of NOS and Secondhand Jowett parts, and, being affiliated with the UK & NZ clubs, we have a source for all the parts you might need. Our spare parts are sold to club members (only) at very reasonable prices so that you are able to keep you Jowett on the road no matter what your budget.